Beastly Alexander

Beastly Alexander

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Jess By jess_stories Updated Sep 14, 2017

Alpha Alexander is not your typical Alpha. For the last five years he's been chained in a cell for being so ruthless. He didn't care who, and what he killed. Being the beast he is his pack put him in the cells. 

Even though there Alpha is in cells the crescent Blood pack is the strongest pack worldwide. One day when his mate gets thrown in the same cell as him and chained next to him. 

He shows hatred towards her and tries to leash out at her. After a few days of being in the cells with her, he realizes that she is his Luna and how much power it would give him to break the chains and escape. Or would he even have to escape? With just a few more months in jail will him and Valerie make their relationship work. It doesn't help that he wants her dead once he gets out of the cells. So how would she survive inside the cells with the beastly alpha?

Valerie, a shy quiet girl. She tries to supply for both her, her mother, and her young brother. When she gets caught steeling from the Alphas office and gets sentenced to a year in the cells and twenty whips what will be the outcome when she gets thrown into the same cell as the beast she calls mate. This alpha is not any ordinary alpha.

He's a beastly alpha.

Started: 7/13/16

Self harming warning!!

I do not own any of the pictures in this book!! I found them on the Internet.

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Ivy_IcedJamie98 Ivy_IcedJamie98 Dec 22, 2017
I'm so bored the book isn't complete yet,it looks so interesting so far!😧😭
RhoToT RhoToT Jun 19, 2017
Who is currently locked behind bars but he's somehow still labeled the most powerful alpha
I’m begging for an update. Haven’t even begun reading but it sounds so INTERESTING!!! Definitely a must read for me!!!!  Please update!!!!
sofabulous111 sofabulous111 Jan 10, 2017
The description to this story is the same as The King of the Rouges book on wattpad.
sofabulous111 sofabulous111 Jan 10, 2017
The guy on the front cover is named Neels Visser. He's apart of Team 10.
KittyKatGustin KittyKatGustin Dec 08, 2016
The cover right now omg its Sergio Carvajal and he is my life and he is amazing and SHHSKALALSNDHDJD