go home you're drunk. (Natewantstobattle X reader)

go home you're drunk. (Natewantstobattle X reader)

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Ok so this story is basically made because he is my celebrity crush idk why but yeah. Enjoy this Nate X reader fan fic



THE WILL KRILL YOU  jk jk I will try to not include pun wars as much as possible

Commenting from inside dimple.  I tripped and fell in, I'm am stuck.... 
                              Send help
It's okay, my brother runs around the apartment naked all the time. And I'm the one who always has to get him cause everyone in my family just says 'You get him, it's good exercise.' And in my mind I'm like 'WHAT ABOUT ALL OF YOU FATASSES WHO REALLY NEED THE EXERCISE?!'
I don't know but a smirk means nothing good could come out of it.
I text my friends that all the time and we end up on a 4 hour long phone call because we are laughing our asses off half of the call XD
BellaDaNerd BellaDaNerd Nov 25
Roses are red,
                              Their also prickly,
                              Let's just say,
                              That escalated quickly.
After i read this i stoped and found it in my music library and started listening to it btw 2016!!!!!!!!