just friends? ✖️ hunter rowland

just friends? ✖️ hunter rowland

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"i don't care, even if the world is against us, i will always love you."

cashlynn dallas and hunter rowland have been best friends for as long as their lifetimes could tell. when they see eachother again after three months, they both develop secretly kept feelings for eachother. now the ultimate question they have to face is, do they want to be more than just friends?

along this journey of tears, pain, unbarring emotions, and hardships, these two souls learn their is more to love than two hearts that would stop beating for the other.

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I really love how your vocabulary is all nice and proper while other people are like "den dis happend to dem"
Henry Long😳... That's a really long chapter (😂😂😂)
Is it me or is this anyone else's favorite picture of Him 😍😍😍