If You Love Me. {5SOS Ot4}

If You Love Me. {5SOS Ot4}

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5SOS_Stole_My_Life By Olivia5Hemmings Completed

On your 13th birthday a mark would appear on your wrist. Initials to be exact, of your soulmate. Once you met your soulmate, the mark would turn the color of their eyes.

It was almost impossible to resist your soulmate.

It's very rare to have more than one pair of initials on your wrist, let alone 3.

But that's exactly what happens to Luke when he wakes up on his 13th birthday. He sees 3 pairs of initials on his wrist. 


That's my initials lol
                              Because my name is Ashton Fletcher Irwin A.F.I
He should confess!!!! So we can get on with the fluff (if there's any) or drama!?! No but seriously he should confess but maybe he's not ready so it's really up to how he feel since they feel the same for him?!?maybe?!