The Other Survivers (a Crafting Dead fanfic) (discontinued)

The Other Survivers (a Crafting Dead fanfic) (discontinued)

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MaddieWazNeverHere By MaddieWazNeverHere Updated Jun 02

They seemed like normal people,

Till they started talking about themselves killing eachother,

Then they seemed like crazy people,

Then they killed themselves and Respawned,

Then they seemed like people with some pretty awesome powers.

Pat and Jen had always had a secret, that they never told anyone, even family members, then the zombie apocalypse came and, being the clumsy duo that they are they sould have died, but that's their secret,

They can't die.

(Un completed, and unedited so there will be some spelling mistakes. None of these characters are mine and belong to PopularMMOs, And Sgcbarbarian)

(Sorry this book is discontinued it is very cringeworthy now looking back on it but I hope you still enjoy reading it)

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DJAngelDog DJAngelDog Jun 28
What kind of name is Skittles? Well, there's a person named Shark, Uni, and AK. We can't forget about you as well.
- - Dec 23, 2016
So apparently you think Jen is the killer? I'm just guessing but I think its lenny