Therapy And Him 🌸 Niam [AU]

Therapy And Him 🌸 Niam [AU]

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🌸Robbi Horayne🌸 By -NiamsDirection- Completed


"You can't fall in love with me, Niall.."

"But, I r-really like you, Dr.Payne.. You make me h-happy."

"Niall.. You're a minor, we can't do this."

"Nobody can kn-know.. Our secret when we have these m-meetings.."

"Niall, come on.."

"Just be quiet and kiss m-me already.."

[The one where Liam is Niall's Therapist, Liam being 23 and Niall 16, and Niall can't help but fall in love as he literally stutters into Liam's heart.]


theotherhoran gave me this idea as she didn't want to write it. She believes that I can write this better so we'll see ;) I'll enjoy writing this though, thank you for the idea :)

Contains: Underage!Niall, Drama, Strong Language, Secrets

Cover by: -ohnoniall

Blank1980 Blank1980 Aug 06, 2016
They have to! Niam kisses and Niam fluffiness... And Niall saying a sentence without stuttering.... "I love you perhaps..." ❤️❤️❤️
Blank1980 Blank1980 Aug 06, 2016
Liam DOES make everything look good. God all the Liam being sweet and nice would make me beet red too! Great job! Your writing just keeps getting better! ❤️❤️
kadiebmore kadiebmore Aug 06, 2016
Great first chapter. I think Liam will be perfect for Niall....he will show Niall that he is worthy of love and has a beautiful soul. He will help mend Niall's broken heart and help him to deal with his parents divorce. I think Ni will slip up and speak a few words to Liam......❤️❤️❤️
NiamIsTheBest61 NiamIsTheBest61 Aug 06, 2016
It looks so good to read. I will wait for this story with very excitiment :)) I don't know what I should say anymore but yeah, thank you for this :)
-bottomniall -bottomniall Aug 08, 2016
Ayeeee it begins! Basically I love tiny Niall so much and it's no surprise that he's immediately in love w Liam lmaoooo. I hope Liam sees him as a tiny cutie and they get together soon!!
theotherhoran theotherhoran Aug 06, 2016
Can't wait for it!!! I'm sure you'll make it perfect , Robbie!  Can't wait for it already :)) x