Fell In Mystic Falls | TVD [1]

Fell In Mystic Falls | TVD [1]

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❝I've made many mistakes in my life but this will never be one of them. ❞ 

Cassandra Fell, born 16th May 1846, belongs to the Fell Founding Family. She has a huge past and disappeared from Mystic Falls 60 years ago, in 1950. But something is drasing her back to her home town. Possibly for love, or for revenge.

[1x22 - 4x22]

I do not own any rights to The Vampire Diaries. All characters except Cassandra/Cassie Fell belong to L.J Smith and Julie Plec.

God I can't believe we're closer to 2020 than we are to 2010
*snaps a waiters neck for no reason, but that's none of my business 🐸☕️
That's almost exactly what Klaus said. Is this foreshadowing that they will get together because if so I'm on board with this ship🙋🙋🙋
And putting everyone at risk for your one life it's not right Elena
AutumnRains1 AutumnRains1 21 hours ago
Nope, she's worse. She'll deny that she's manipulative with the boys. Kat won't and it's one of the reasons I like her more.
Do I even know you? 🤔 
                              No I don't. So leave me alone.