She's The One (Phoenix Drop High) Zane X Reader

She's The One (Phoenix Drop High) Zane X Reader

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•║αѕια║• By ThatOneAsian12 Updated Dec 30, 2016

One girl who has the ability to change lives. Can her choices affect how she acts? 

Y/N, an interesting girl people would say. She always wanted to become a famous singer. Slowly making her way up to the Hollywood business, she faces some challenges. One being falling for her brother's best friend's brother. Tough twister? Yep. Well it's true.

What will happen? Will things turn out well? Find out in She's the One!


GlowNeonFlareXD GlowNeonFlareXD Nov 24, 2016
So are you in middle school? (Sorry I comment too much I'm probably spamming you right now XD but there is so much to comment about!)
Sukaretto_Seven_MM Sukaretto_Seven_MM Dec 30, 2016
My stupid school doesn't have lockers for everyone and you have to pay like £50 to get one for a term or year..
crueIty crueIty Sep 02, 2016
I have a younger brother. My other brother is WAY older than me.
clichechels- clichechels- Jul 28, 2016
Don't you mess with someone's food. Also, good chappy! Continue, please, if can.
_sushi_sama_ _sushi_sama_ Dec 20, 2016
i never make friends on the first day and when i finally make a friend they are always outcasts
kami-boo kami-boo Nov 25, 2016
Yeah, I guess so. I'm not in highschool, but we keep our lockers the whole year at my school.