night changes • g.d

night changes • g.d

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you can go from absolutely hating someone, to wanting to be near them for the rest of your existence. spending an entire night with someone changes your perspective on them, rather it be that you realize they aren't what you thought, or that they're exactly what you though. either way, night changes everything.  



Neonhipposinthenight Neonhipposinthenight Nov 12, 2016
this book is one of my favorite fanfics next to that vine girl and... *shivers* PRISONER 😭😭😭
Ethandolanstish Ethandolanstish Oct 20, 2016
This is me. Every time my brother has friends over, even though I would never date them, I always at least look decent
Ethandolanstish Ethandolanstish Oct 20, 2016
Why is this literally me and my brother... Like he's seriously 18 and acts 8 and I'm 16 and I wouldn't say I act like I'm 34, more like 25, but still. This is creepy af
daddy-dolan daddy-dolan Jan 01
ugh my babies are growing up too fast PLEASE JUST BE 16 AGAIN😩
-trainingwheels -trainingwheels Aug 04, 2016
i literally love the way you write & your music taste ugH IM SUCH A FANGIRL
-lostmymind -lostmymind 7 days ago
My bro does this an bc he's almost 8 inches taller than me I can't breathe when he does it.