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thetis27 By thetis27 Updated 4 years ago
Scarlett Azalea Reed is turning 30 in 30 days. Also, she's dying in 30 days. She's accepted her fate when she found out 30 months ago that she only has that long to live. Problem is, she meets Charles Victor Rutherford within her last thirty days. Now, all she wants is more time...and she's running out of it.
I guess you decided not to complete the story? I wish you would change your mind.  Please..
Omg i almOst thought this was actually real ... 
                                    Wow love the effect 
                                    R u gnna continue this?
am loving the sound of this. could go so many ways and once again im reading your stories instead of sleeping! damn you for being good!!!
wow so this is definitely not happy kinda depressed for her now but I am looking forward to see Scarlett's life lessons an her 30 days
@thetis27 - I won't read deep's stories! *hmphs*
                                    And which story are you talking about? the relationship drama one? I read it already..:P