A Miraculous Discovery ✔

A Miraculous Discovery ✔

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the famous Ladybug, the superhero who saves Paris time and time again. Her partner is Cat Noir, the charismatic cat whose secret identity is the handsome blonde model, Adrien Agreste.
Marinette's friend, Alya, helps Marinette spend time with Adrien at the movies until Hawk Moth's next akumitised victim shows up, naming himself as 'The Ticket Master'.
Marinette and Adrien transform into their superhero selves and fight against the villain, who has the power to send anyone on a one trip to non-existence.
Together, Ladybug and Cat Noir meet some of the most famous people in history.
Secrets will be kept, shared or shown.
Will they defeat Hawk Moths Akumatised victim? Or will they simply just give up?
Read 'A Miraculous Discovery' to find out.
I do not own any of the character's (besides the Ticket Master)

●Praise for AMD●
"...Your writing's amaze-balls." 

"You portrayed Marinette extremely well! That's quite rare with the fanfictions."  

"I REALLY love how your descriptions of what's around them is explains a lot of detail without taking 500 words long to do it." 

"Really enjoyed the story!" 

"Dude. I just started the book and the feels are already like, "I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!""

"This story is AMAZING! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!"

"OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THIS IS AN AMAZING FANFICTION!! You're such an amazing writer and I can't wait to see more of your work in the future"

"My fave fanfic so far! (I have read a lot)."


translated by @MelArcolris

Cover by: Samantha_High

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RDoglover RDoglover May 19, 2017
Have you seen Joseph and the coat of many colors? On rainy days school at the school I went to for 1st through 8th grade we would ALWAYS watch one of those two movies, instead of going outside after lunch during recess
That's fine! That movie is pretty accurate, religion-wise anyway. All the main details match up with the bible story.
kdkfhjdkdnndkkdjdkld kdkfhjdkdnndkkdjdkld Apr 17, 2017
That's OK I know about these things so it wouldn't offend me in any way
Infinityqueen7 Infinityqueen7 Mar 11, 2017
There was a post like this on Instagram. Adrien was an illusion and he was falling from the building ladybug and chat noir were standing on. Hawkmoth wanted her miraculous in order to save "adrien" so she took off her earrings (with chat noir shouting nooooooo ) and she transformed into Marinette
its-amani-kin its-amani-kin Dec 11, 2017
I love that movie, even though it's different than the Islamic version it's still one of mi favs
Wifi_From_The_Pit Wifi_From_The_Pit Aug 23, 2016
I actually don't like anything Miraculous Ladybug related but I'm nice so I'm-a vote regardless. Plus your writing's amaze-balls. GG Sam.