Guardian Angel [ON HOLD]

Guardian Angel [ON HOLD]

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Kaewa Nayuki By Re5n97 Updated Apr 17, 2017

What do you do when you wake up one morning and see an unfamiliar boy sitting on the chair across your bed? Scream? Makes sense. I did too. "You can see me?" He looked at me like I was crazy. My mom comes up the stairs to find me screaming in my empty room and sends me to school thinking it was just a crazy tactic to not go to school...again. He follows me everywhere  I go. "Why don't you leave me alone?" I asked. "I can't.
I'm your guardian angel, " He replied. "That tactic may work with other girls, not me." I said.

Turns out no one can see him except me. But I start to see other boys and girls around the people I know and they are all dressed like this boy. 'Could they actually be guardian angels?' I wonder. But I don't tell him that. Can't let him think I believe his delusions.

I'm Christine, it means follower of Christ. Ironically though, I don't believe in God and guardian angels and all that...
This story is about...I'm not sure what it's about. Let's figure it out together.

Be warned: high on nonsense scale.
Highest ranking: #110 in humor


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