Filling The Void

Filling The Void

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Nupur Jain By Nuts_rules Updated Nov 30, 2016

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I remember every children fairytale story starting with once upon a time. In that story there is a prince and princess. They both face some problems and fight the bad guys and in the end they live a happily ever after life. The stories in the childhood seem so magical and real. It is every child's dream and reality while growing up. These stories tell us that in the end it will all be OK. The bad guys will be defeated and everyone will be happy.
    But as we all know this is not reality. As we grow up we realize that all this is bullshit. There is no Prince and Princess or kingdoms or castles. But there are ruthless villains and nasty accidents and problems and death. And definitely there is greed and meanness. Every magical fairytale my mother told me as I was growing up became meaningless.  
    It is my story in which there is a Princess, kingdoms, castles and of course the knight in the shining amour the so called 'prince'. But unlike the fairytale it doesn't end with a happily ever after.
    This is not a love story of a beautiful magical Princess and Prince. It is a revenge story. My name is Elena and I am going to take revenge for every wrongdoing.

Elena is in love and is living in the fantasy of a fairy tale. She gets the shock of her life when the person who holds her heart breaks it without a second glance. She is broken and her heart is in pieces.
5 years later she has come out stronger and much better. The scars of her past are the reason she had become so successful. She is now intended on taking revenge on the person who broke her heart. She is the devil now and will not stop at anything until she gets what she wants that is 

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