Save Me || Kaname

Save Me || Kaname

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I stormed out of the house and quickly ran away, hoping to find a temporary escape from reality.
My parents are always blaming me for things that i didn't even do. Listen to this! They abuse and tell me that I'm the reason why they fail at eliminating vampires they were assigned to kill!
 They Always 'accidently' let a level E escape and blame me for it later while beating me up.

I know I don't deserve this kind of treatment when all I did is try to be the child they want for them to stop beating me up. 

But it looks like I'll never be that perfect child that they want me to be. 

I sobbed quietly as I leaned against a tree, remembering the horrible things they did to me.
It makes me wish that I was never born. 
I snapped out of my thoughts when someone pulled me close and hugged me tightly, making me look up only to see a boy with two caring reddish brown eyes.

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Pinkmnm34 Pinkmnm34 May 25, 2017
NUUUUUU HANABUSA!!!!!! MAH LIL' CINNAMON ROLL HAS BEEN REJECTED BY KANAME-SAMA!!!!!!!! *cries* my poor little innocent Hanabusa~
discord21 discord21 Mar 11, 2017
Dude its awesome we act like female zero XD btw dibs on him zero's my senpai
I mean, maybe bi or pan, but not gay. He was in love with Yuuki, after all!
WhitePetal14 WhitePetal14 Nov 25, 2017
I am quite confused on why this is getting a lot of attention.
nekosummer_claw12 nekosummer_claw12 Jul 27, 2017
Welp other writer chans and writer senpai's ship kaname-senpai and zero
Aido X Zero😂 idk, I thought of a random got to ship him with. They are now OTP for Vampire Knight