Ultimate/SDHSL Traitor-Danganronpa (Fuyuhiko+Fem Reader)

Ultimate/SDHSL Traitor-Danganronpa (Fuyuhiko+Fem Reader)

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~trash~ By UltimateCringe Completed

"I was nothing but a sacrifice here anyways."

~WARNING~ THIS IS AWFUL, CLICHE, OVERDRAMATIC, AND JUST OVERALL EW. Wait, that's like all of my stories...

17 students are trapped on an island. But one of them isn't a student. They're merely disguised as one. They aren't there for any harm. They were supposed to stay there as the "traitor" and monitor them, making sure they didn't get hurt. But a certain AI ruins all of that. What happens if the traitor falls in love? Will the others find out that they're the traitor? No, the traitor isn't Chiaki Nanami.
Yes, I know there are other Ultimate/SDHSL (Blank)s out there so I'm pretty unoriginal... I'm sorry if I copy anything but I haven't ready any of the Ultimate/SDSHL (Blank)s so I wouldn't know if I was. This is kinda like a series thing I guess. Not really, it's just a lot of my page will say Ultimate/SDHSL (Blank). I'm making different Ultimate/SDHSL (Blanks)s cause it seems like fun and I wanna try it.

I won't hesitate to cut my crush up I mean I'm a tsudere but I would like to cut his bitchy girlfriend up
Yeah I will slit a bitch I'm shy and insecure, I also hate humans that's why I'm here to talk to computerized human chats
Taccoma Taccoma Jan 21
Well, if she is shy its contradicting the 'will cut a bitch' but the jumps to conclusion one is new! I haven't read the book yet so I won't judge it automatically it seems like a good fan fiction.
DeathTheDude DeathTheDude Dec 14, 2016
...sorta contrary that she jumps to conclusions and hesitates a lot but whatever xD