Touch Me  (Levi x Reader)

Touch Me (Levi x Reader)

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Mikasa, Hanji, & Levi By The_Weird_Otakus Updated Sep 23

I held myself and just stared at the ground. I'm 19 years old and no one except for my best friend, Hanji, knew about my phobia. The fear of being touched. I had haphephobia and I developed it when I was 12, no one knew why. Not even Hanji.

I walked absentmindedly until I bumped into someone, my skin was on fire. I rubbed my arm, desperate to soothe the pain.

"Oi, watch where you're going brat. (F/n)?" A monotone voice asked.

I could feel his gaze on me and I kept my eyes on the ground still rubbing my arm.

He knelt down and held his hand out to me, I cringed away from his hand.

"Why the hell are you turning away from me brat? I'm clean."

I got up without his help and stared at the ground below me, "I'm sorry for bumping into you, now if you excuse me I have to get home."

I walked off before Levi had a chance to talk to me, I expected the burning feeling to still be there but it was gone. It had never disappeared this fast. This was weird.

Cover made by The_Crazy_Otaku

JazzMck2 JazzMck2 Nov 08
In school we had to do papers on phobias and this one to me seemed the most  interesting
I had that phobia when I was in middle school but I got over it when I made some friends
I'm so excited to read this! Can't wait till the next update
Wow dude... That's heavy... I think I'll enjoy this story! Can't wait to read it! ^~^
T_nikiforov T_nikiforov Aug 21
Oh wow I might have it mild too but theres only 1 person that im comfortable with bc I trust her and shes helped me with it sence 7 years old when I first felt that way. Not even my parents
As everyone says, I CAN'T WAIT! I'm really looking really looking forward to this! Also, I feel bad for you. I believe that having haphephobia is pretty hard. Q^Q But I really want to read thisssss! XD