Forced Parenthood by: Clint Barton And Steve Rogers

Forced Parenthood by: Clint Barton And Steve Rogers

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(Completed) The Avengers are taken by some crazy scientist. They tamer with Steve's serum and Clint can barely remember what happened. He was knocked out of course. When then return, they find out Steve's pregnant with Clint's child. Why did this world hate him?

So I really love Clint and after a bit of writing this story into my phone, I decided to make it a thing. There's not a lot of Mpreg!Steve or Steve/Clint. So let's hit two birds with one stone am I right??.....No one? Ok...
      Warning: Boyxboy, don't like it, don't read it. Also Mpreg. That's the whole point of this story. So yeah. I hope you all like it! Also Art is not mine. I can't draw that good ;-;   And it's not canon, so there's that

(Story by Sail)

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CreeperSpeedster CreeperSpeedster Oct 18, 2016
Nope, not fangirling but laughing!
                              Poor Clint and poor steve. They neednt this shi*y akwardness