Falling Stars | Genderbend Story

Falling Stars | Genderbend Story

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アニメの5秒 By 5seconds_of_anime Updated Aug 08

A night after practice, the Karasuno Boy's volleyball team wittnessed a strange scene of falling stars above them. Some of the dust came off of the stars fell onto 4 of Karasuno's volleyball players. 

What will happen?


Note: I do not own Haikyuu!! Or any of the characters in anyway. 

I only made the plots

why not cut their hair and get a binder or a couple sports bras
This is exactly what i was looking for 😻 i'm looking forward to the update 💓
This sure will get alot of views and likes in no time 🙌 welll written and the story is 👌👌👌
How can they not tell that tsukishima changed? Not to be rude to them but how does one not notice that he/she shrank 10cms?
Girl Suga is sooooo cuteeeee 😭👌 she will become mommer