The Bat Family X Reader

The Bat Family X Reader

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BloodyPainter_1 By BloodyPainter_1 Updated Jun 25, 2017

Your dad was in the hospital for a month now and it felt like your world has darkened. When your friends found out they stopped being your friends ... well all except for Tim Drake. You texted Tim a couple of times.

You: Tim I need someone to talk to.
You: Ttttttiiiiiiimmmmmmm. I'm bored.
You: Tim dad's in the hospital for a month now. I need to talk to you.

You heard a tap on your window and you looked and seen it was tim Drake. You smiled and opened the window and let Tim in. Tim looked at you and asked "(Y/N), why are you crying?" You said  "oh, I guess I didn't notice." Tim could see that something was wrong and he gently lifted your chin up and said "(Y/N), I can see that something's bothering you. What is it?" You said "if I told you you'd stop being my friend like the others." Then you collapsed on to the floor in sobs. Tim held you in his arms and said "no (Y/N), you can tell me anything and I won't stop being your friend." You looked up at Tim and you said " my dad has been ...

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BillieJex BillieJex Jun 25, 2017
I'm sorry, but how does your father dying scream 'unfriend-worthy'
ThisIsAthens ThisIsAthens Dec 27, 2016
They stopped being my friends because my dad was in the hospital for a month, and I was depressed? Sounds like some sh*t friends.
PercysSiblingLilith PercysSiblingLilith Nov 08, 2016
Thugs are stupid. I mean come on 'It's Nightwing! Get him!' If they do that with Jason they must have a death wish