The Lady in Pink (#1 Stephens Family Story)

The Lady in Pink (#1 Stephens Family Story)

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B.R. Adams By LoneFox99 Updated Jul 18


"I let my beauty go because I knew she would always be in my heart, and in my memory."

Adeline Roberts longed for adventure outside of the invisible walls of Easton. However, with her obligations with her family, she was forever tied to the small-minded town. With a book in hand and a wild spirit longing for adventure, she never thought the adventure would come knocking at her door. A man, as cruel and as wicked as a witch, with a pale scar along his face; that was the adventure she was granted.

Oliver Stephens knew enough about being a beast to able to find one. With his scarred face and beastly temper, it was no wonder why the ton whispered about him like he was their dirty drawers. On assignment from the King, Oliver follows his recent target to a small town in the eastern forests of The Kingdom. Recruiting the help of an old friend, little did he know that his friends eldest daughter was a beauty beyond his comprehension.

#3 Historical Fiction 11/5/2016
#150 Fantasy 7/7/2017

I'm just a bit confused because this book comes up as incomplete but there are other books in the series??