>>---->Laurmau Hunger Games<----<<

>>---->Laurmau Hunger Games<----<<

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This is my take on if Laurmau was put into the world of The Hunger Games


Aphmau Phoenix, daughter of Irene Phoenix, a past victor. 

Laurance Zvahl, Aphmau's boyfriend, orphan of District 5.

This is the story of their Hunger Games.


Cover made by: @missIvyHeart
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BlueDiamondGamer BlueDiamondGamer Aug 12, 2016
                              Well.... heaven is amazing so many Fangirlz are up here!
somnaswish somnaswish Oct 14, 2016
1) don't call me hun,hun (xD jk....but old don't lol)
                              2) I kinda expected it
PeaceHunter4 PeaceHunter4 Aug 13, 2016
Same I loved his other larmau story's plus I like the hunger games
TheDragonLegend5911 TheDragonLegend5911 Dec 16, 2016
Have you watched the film theory video on how to win the hunger games?
Chloe_Weasley Chloe_Weasley Oct 30, 2016
but Jeffory
                              you made it more sad 
                              when you made Laurance say 
                              "I volunteer a tribute!"
Saph_Tsundere_Wolf Saph_Tsundere_Wolf Aug 12, 2016
I just finished your other book I have a feeling this is going to be a funtastic and romantic book that everyone will love!!!!😄