[Sasuke x Reader] Good Times and Bad Times [drabbles]

[Sasuke x Reader] Good Times and Bad Times [drabbles]

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As Iruka-sensei starts pairing every one of his students into three-man-cells, he notices that there was one person left out. Of course, with the teachers planning out how each team is paired, you were stuck in Kakashi's team with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Because you were a sort of dreamer person, you had many dreams. Like for example, to become the greatest ninja in Konoha, to be one of the greatest cooks in the world and other stuff like that. Dreams like that are what attracts people like Naruto, and Kiba.

At least that's what it seems like in Sasuke's opinion. You didn't care, but you always dream. Some are even impossible. Like for the village to turn into a village of sweets. For you to join his team, Sasuke could already imagine you and Naruto as the joke team in Kakashi's team.

"Hey, [name]-chan! I'm glad you're on my team!" Naruto shouted, waving to you excitedly. You grinned and ran to where the three are in the classroom. Currently, your team is last on the waiting list,...

When do you need a plan to catch a cat? Set a fish on a net or some sort of trap and boom!! You got yourself a cat!
Snack_Shop_Trash Snack_Shop_Trash Apr 24, 2017
In more ways than one!
                              I hope I was successful in making your mind go into the gutters reader of this comment-chan/kun.
Quietgirl9 Quietgirl9 Dec 30, 2017
*Me in head* GET OFF
                              *Licks his hand*
                              Sasuke: Wtf is wrong with her?
vaporwave_blue vaporwave_blue Sep 25, 2017
Ok! So the plan is... we get together, get married and have a child together. Sound good? GREATIMGLADYOUAGREE
Me in my head: the hell?
                              Me: *licks and bites his hand*
                              Sasuke: I only wanted a normal person in my life...
Aceyewolfy Aceyewolfy Apr 02
                              Why am I hear again?
                              Idk for entertainment