Fandom Imagines

Fandom Imagines

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☾Becky ☾ By wooftops Updated 20 hours ago

In which you weird fangirl makes fandom imagines because she a hoe for a lot of fandoms!!! 

Request are open!!! 

I'll being doing a lot of fandoms as well!!

smolstiles smolstiles Oct 25
Name : Emma
                              Character : Enoch (Mrs.peregrine's home for peculiar children)
                              I'm new to the family and you can chose my peculiarity and Enoch shows me around and flirts with me.
Name: Olivia 
                              Character: Eli Hudson 
                              Fandom: scream 
                              Eli  is in love with me but doesn't know how to tell me and watches me in school and when Emma gets in to a fight with That Haley girl I step in to help and get hurt and Eli helps me and we tell each other our feelings
Name: Iesha 
                              Character: Kieran Wilcox 
                              Fandom: Scream
                              Kieran falls in loves with me....but he tells Emma that he wasn't going to kill me....then she tried to break Kieran and i up....but failed...then Kieran takes me on a date for the first time......we have feelings for each other.
oyaobrien oyaobrien Oct 18
Name: Becca 
                              Character: Stiles 
                              I'm dating stiles and Scott kinda flirts with me a little and he gets jealous. ily thank u
OC Name: Mo Jensen (Audrey's twin)
                              Anything sad
                              Audrey, Noah
                              Kieran Wilcox
                              I got framed and Kieran broke up with me but when it comes back i didnt he comes to my apartment to apologize but he finds me almost dead on the floor