《 Error Code 588: Inked Out 》(Error X Ink)

《 Error Code 588: Inked Out 》(Error X Ink)

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Trens The Skeleton By TrisCosmicShadows Updated Jan 28

'Two mortal opposites, sworn enemies by nature; Creation and Destruction.' This were once the statement that both Ink and Error obligated by. But when the two learn something from each other, something deep inside begins to bloom. A feeling... A feeling so strong that both counterparts can't help but realize... 'Creation and Destruction don't have to be so different '

(Error Sans x Ink Sans) (This is my first writing I hope you enjoy it. I've never written before I just really wanted to see one of my OTPs have a realistic type of story and romantic connection :D (Temporary Cover for awhile til I can make a cover with my art) 

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CharaDreemur0o0 CharaDreemur0o0 Dec 30, 2016
                              Me:Destruction!!!! Yasssss!!!!
                              Frisk:No Chara *Sprays Character with water* bad Chara
TeardropBlue TeardropBlue Oct 01, 2016
This is amazing! I love how you've told the story of both of them and the images it creates! Absolutely sans-ational!
TimePanda001100 TimePanda001100 Jul 16, 2016
OMG! This was the best fanfic I have ever read. Soooooo gooood. MAKE A NOTHER PART PLEASE!!!!!
Coora360 Coora360 Oct 08, 2016
Holy crap! THIS IS AMAZING! This is much different from every other Error x Ink I've read. Nice job on the story!
Haru_Okami Haru_Okami Aug 27, 2016
                              I DREW SOME CRAPPY FANART 
                              THEN WROTE SOME FLUFFY FANFIC