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Breaking Down (Camren Short Story)

Breaking Down (Camren Short Story)

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DramaticLern By DramaticLern Updated Dec 19, 2016

In which the girls fail to notice bruises marring Lauren's skin.

No one was supposed to know.

Boi the only reason she's dating u is probably bcoz by the look of ur face ur dick is small enough to look like a vagina and ur hair is long enough for and average girl, so.....
Nights_In_Hell Nights_In_Hell Dec 07, 2016
I would have busted a family jewel a long time ago...that is if he has any. 👊
its_cramren_yo its_cramren_yo Dec 26, 2016
Camila got some plump lips and ate way better compared to brads lips 😂
tf she could've texted one letter and you trying to get smart
hdiagg hdiagg Jan 09
Dang it, I've read this story already:/ this always happens, guess I'll read it for the 2nd time
Ur asking Jesus to slap him? Y don't u ask Jesus to bury this dude alive 😐