Dreams Worth Reading

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Peyton By horsejmp Updated 2 years ago
Dreams Worth Reading
    	My dreams are what is closest to me in some cases. There my second world, but sometimes there what scare me the most. Here are most of my dreams, the dreams I remember so vividly that I can write out, sometimes there third person, sometimes there is no talking, just describing.
    Enjoy my dreams, if you would like to use one for a plot for a story, please private message me witch one. I won’t mind if you use one for a plot or anything as long as you private message me first. Also I am free to write dreams for your characters if you want; I just need key words in order of how you might want them to appear. 
    May cause, sadness, despair, timidness, jumpiness, shivering, developing fears for things that you didn’t before and more. Please do not read if you get scared easily, don’t like the idea of dead animals or humans and/or don’t like the fact of killing, or blood.
Was this actually yours dreams...? O.o Whoa. Anyways, I really like it but thought that you overuse the word 'I' a bit too much. But off to the next one! :D
Okay this is different and I'm always up for a different book also I have a question why do you always put him and he in different writing just asking but other than that great job keep writing :)
Wow, interesting. I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading this but it was better than what I imagined. Your writing is really good and I really like your description too. Good work :)