The Beauty and the Nerd (Normila AU)

The Beauty and the Nerd (Normila AU)

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Camila Cabello was Jefferson High School's resident nerd and punching bag. She's gay and she has an extra part that gets her beat up. She shows up and passes all her classes and is a whiz behind the camera and that makes her a nerd.

Her only dream is to get into Brooklyn Film Academy and leave Texas behind forever. 

Normani Kordei Hamilton is the most popular girl in school. She dates the QB of football team, student body president, cheerleading captain, and a shoe in for Winter Ball Queen. 

What happens when these two least alike girls worlds collide? Well you'll have to read to find out.

Camila G!P

Cover by: bigbootyhoran

ElyStar1996 ElyStar1996 Dec 01
I guess they see the boobs and think that's a girl and if she likes girls she's gay
Itsokk15 Itsokk15 Nov 04
                              Idk what zayn is sorry if I offend anyone)
Itsokk15 Itsokk15 Nov 04
Honestly this is me. I love my flannels. Don't hurt my flannels.
smutgeek smutgeek Nov 13
They do understand that since she has a dick, her being "straight" would be the real  gay
_KayParrilla _KayParrilla 3 days ago
But would that really make her gay if she has a penis? Her liking girls would be a normal thing wouldn't it?