Mystique's  Magical Mysteries

Mystique's Magical Mysteries

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Kathsum By Kathsum Updated Nov 25

Mystique is that one unknown  yet known girl. She's a puzzle that is missing pieces and a constellation that doesn't connect yet full of connections! 

She's the ultimate of everything yet defined in an unverified way. She's the most wanted by all yet hated by most. 

She's feared by all & at the same mocked  by the majority. She's danger to all yet safe haven to most in need. She's a destroyer yet a saviour.

She's that girl who's existence is impossible yet she's alive proudly showing all, the word impossible says; "I'm possible!"

She's that nightmare dressed like a daydream. She's that one erotic dream that you keep on seeing but never be able to experience it for real.

She's that one ray of hope that always shines bright  like a diamond no matter what! 

She's who she is yet not really who she is. She's a mystery that only a certain dragon can unravel. 

Join Mystique's Magical Mysteries & unravel with her from time to time as she stumbles upon problem after problem.

Oh cool, reminds me of Adventure Time :) the crown has its own will
Clueless_13 Clueless_13 Oct 31
I've just started your back since u asked me too and this introduction was greatttttttt
Jim_Bepp Jim_Bepp Oct 27
Interesting start! Your descriptions are really lovely and you are clearly a very good writer! Excited to find out where this goes
Usually, I don't like fantasy books, but this is a great first chapter.  I love how you described the currency and introduced the main character with out being to straightforward and described her with beautiful analogies.  Fantastic. :)
Aww this is such a great start!! I'm in love with your writing skill. 😭😭 Your story plot is intriguing. Really looking forward to what happens on the following chapters!!! ❤❤ keep writing, love!!!!
BreelLee BreelLee Oct 13
I love the line about greed it was a very articulate way of fitting that in there and the plot is so interesting .I'm starting to love this book👍🏿👌🏿