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The "One Of A Kind" Luna

The "One Of A Kind" Luna

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G-Cell By superjelly11 Updated Dec 25, 2016


My name is Alice WinterWood. For a small period of my life I always thought I had a problem. But that problem turned into an answer. That answer took me to a journey that is-What am I doing? You have to read to find out ;)

But I am not that mean :P My journey is has magic, family, and mates. Hope you enjoy ;)

Cover By: @Vanithenerd

Don't take my IDEAS. If you want to use them you must give me credit. Also you can make covers for me. And your name will be put on the description.

If you do like my book or my writing style please check out: The "E" Wolves. Its somewhat similar and its going to take the place of The "One Of A Kind" Luna for a little bit.

Here are the authors from other books I have read that has their ideas in my book:


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