Dead in the Scene

Dead in the Scene

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(Inspired by the movie Ginger Snaps)

"Out by sixteen or dead in the scene, but together forever."

It's hard enough being a teenager; add to that a boy who can only get it up for other boys, an unhealthy obsession with death, a raging case of social anxiety and not to mention slight suicidal tendencies- Oh! of course, not forgetting a sister that has possibly recently been turned into a werewolf... Well, you've got yourselves a sure fire, shit-storm of a time.

Gerard and Mikey are outcasts who have been infatuated with the idea of death since they were children, when they'd also vowed to end their lives together. Little did they know that their plans would be hindered when Mikey is attacked by an unknown creature. Gerard takes it upon himself to find a cure for his sister's sudden newfound blood-lust, which seems to increase day by day. With the unlikely aid of the school's local dope dealer, Gerard must find a way to save his sister before the next full moon arrives and his suspicions are confirmed, or the small town of Bailey Downs is in for one hell of a bloody party...


High school AU where Mikey is a femme.

Warnings for: Blood, gore, mature themes/ scenes, graphic depictions of violence, an unnecessary shitload of swearing (lol) AND SMUT. A LOT OF SMUT. A lot more than i'd planned on doing anyway... Either way (har har), proceed with caution.

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You're all like "eww omg" and I know it's bad but I'm sitting here like "ayy my man PETE GETTING SOME PUSSY"
I don't know why slitting one's throat always seems so calm and painless in fanfiction. I mean, first of all it would hurt like a bitch. And second of all, you wouldn't just drop dead. As far as I know you'd literally chocke on your own blood.
Part of me is like 'calm down pal' but the other part of just relates
"Thanks frank, i'll suck your dick to repay you" - Gerard Way
burymeinart burymeinart Jul 13
dO people actually get excited over this?? it was the actual apocalypse with my home family