Lost // GMW: Lucas Friar

Lost // GMW: Lucas Friar

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Bear 🐻🐼🐨💦💜🌸🖤 By -fairest Updated Jul 28, 2017

Rory Matthews is weird, goofy, and socially awkward. She is one of a kind. The adopted Matthews child. Rory just wants to navigate life and be normal. But with weird dads, bullies, goofy sisters, crazy best friends, and love squares, she's in for a wild ride. So, here's the deal:

Farkle likes Riley, Maya, and Rory. Riley likes Lucas, but likes Farkle also, but she thinks she only likes him as a brother. Rory thinks she likes Farkle, but, in actuality, she likes Lucas and he likes her also, but wait. Maya likes Lucas too and Zay likes Maya?

Got that? No? Then let Rory break it all down for you. See, this is how it all happened...

<Originally called A Small Universe>

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