The One's We Loved (Zane~Chan)

The One's We Loved (Zane~Chan)

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The weirdo By Weirdo120703 Updated Feb 19

Cover Not Made by me (Book Canceled Im sorry)

This Story would be taking Place In Mystreet Wen Everyone Is already Friendly With Zane

(Kawaii~Chan) Kc Always Writes On Her Diary She Mostly Writes About her Ships Her Crush Resse Her Best Guy Friend Zane What Makes Her Happy Cute things AND MUCH MORE HAPPY THINGS One Day She Confessed Her feelings To Resse........

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I also am not a fan of the writing style, it bores and annoys me, try going for a third person view and maybe work on dialog more.
You did not make the cover, It was made by Proxy... You should take it down before copyright comes to get you.
First of all Its Reese~Senpai not Chan, second of all, Where did "Resse" even come from? Lol?
TheWalkingDead4Life TheWalkingDead4Life Aug 29, 2016
No! No Reese~Chan! Only Zane~Chan may sail! Sink the Reese~Chan!
sophhhpatenia sophhhpatenia Nov 19, 2016
Uh, excuse me. But when I read the description it said "Cover made by me". That cover was not drawn or made by you, it is made by Aphmau's friend, Proxy.
dominantchief21 dominantchief21 Sep 26, 2016
I swear down... if this is Reese chan I'm gonna lose it I may be doing something with Reese chan but that's gonna change. Oh but his ending is one for the ages. Hehe