Instructions Jacob Sartorius (j.s)

Instructions Jacob Sartorius (j.s)

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"I'll never forget the boy who almost ran me over with his bike."
"Can you give me the instructions to your heart?"

"Is that the best goddamn pick up line you've got?"


Elizabeth Beckham moves to Herndon Virginia from her small hometown in South Carolina. Elizabeth wasn't big on social media in the slightest. Actually for the likes of it all- she didn't even have an Instagram account. I know. Sad right. 

Eliza ends up moving to the house next to Internet sensation Jacob Sartorius. 

Lots of minor complications get in the way of them being together, such as strict parents, disagreeing siblings, disagreeing friends. 

But there was this one friend who didn't like it at all, actually his name was Max Mills, Elizabeth grew up with him back in England, Berkshire before they both moved away, she had been his A1 since day 1. 

Through thick & thin, tears were shed, Elizabeth chose her boy & the other was devastated. 

Which one did she pick? 
Elizabeth has no idea about Jacobs fame, but she did know about Max's. 
Will he even tell her?
Elizabeth becomes friends with two people Jacob deeply despises. How will he react when he sees them sleeping over?

Later on in the book she meets a boy named Oscar, Oscar looks exactly like Jacob.

When Loren Beech is fond to include Elizabeth in her chic girl group, will Elizabeth agree? Loren does some horrible things when a problem arises. 

Elizabeth's brother gets in a relationship with Elizabeth's best friend? Or bully?

Jacob has lied about his life to Elizabeth for 3 months, she surely doesn't take that easily...

Read to find out

Everyone in this book is either 15-16 because 13 is too young for some of the things that happen in this book. 

Featuring; Mark Thomas, Bryce Hall, Brandon Rowland, Loren Beech (Gray), Harvey Mills, Max Mills, Cameron Dallas & Hunter Rowland, Oscar Rosenstroem, BabyAriel and more C:

Jacob Sartorius fanfiction C:
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jAcobSg jAcobSg Jul 27
Really pretty, and she's not TOO exotic like every other author's characters. That's really cool, she's hazel with light brown hair and a tan, not blue with bright blonde silky hair and an orange tan