Chapter 1
I blew the whistle at practice for all the guys to come into a big circle around me. I think they've had enough practice for the day. 
Once they all gathered around me I began to talk. 
"School is starting back up in about 1 week. That means that our first game will be 2 weeks after that. I expect each and every one of y'all to keep up on your academics and keep good behavior in the classroom. I will not be afraid to bench anybody for breaking any rule. Am I understood?" I said loudly. "Yes, sir!" All of my players said. "Good, go home and enjoy your weekend off. Study the playbook whenever you can because next week will be hard week of practice." I said and then they all started to head up to the locker room while I went to my truck. 
I graduated from the University of Northeast Louisiana about 6 years ago. I'm 28 now. I've been a history teacher and a football coach at the high school in my hometown since I graduated.
I started my truck up and headed over to my mo...

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