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Millionaire's Maid

Millionaire's Maid

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Book Cover Made By: @ashtonlirwin

"This can't happen again," he says slipping on his fancy attire without even giving me direct eye contact. "It's bad for publicity. It's bad for me if anybody finds out I did this with you. A maid!"

I actually thought last night meant something. That's why he made the first move. What was I thinking?

After all this time and the things we've been through together, I've been thinking that we felt something for each other. 

My biggest mistake wasn't falling for him, it was thinking that he had fallen for me too. 

I tried to hold back the tears. I was drowning in my thoughts. Maybe everyone was right. Maybe he is a player, the kind of guy who looks good for the cameras, and not a for a girl. 

A guy who would make a girl feel special, then toss her off when he's done with her. 

I pushed everyone away because they weren't him. I fell his trick. I fell for his games. I did this to myself.

SaveTheSeaTurtles SaveTheSeaTurtles Aug 07, 2016
you already got a baby by crushing on him dang what has this world come to
EmmaHussainn EmmaHussainn Dec 14, 2016
Lmao I would be mortified to hear moaning coming from my boss who I just met like 5 minutes ago and will be living with for 2 years
ShyanneLuna ShyanneLuna 6 days ago
Psh psh psh psh psh as a New Yorker I'm a little offended in New York EVERYONE you come across is UNIQUE and have their own styles...just saying okay bye
Warrior_Panda123 Warrior_Panda123 Dec 28, 2016
Man bleach is the best especially when you got a test at school and there's a new fuckboy at school bleach and cereal is great way to deal with the days
- - Jul 24, 2016
I'm intrigued... I feel like this is going to become a big hit