〽️The Invisible Butterfly 〽️ Alec Lightwood

〽️The Invisible Butterfly 〽️ Alec Lightwood

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angell4 By angell4 Updated Oct 17, 2016

For a nerdy college student like Anastasia Young, nothing could be worse than failing an assignment. She cried straightly for 5 days when she got an A- on her last project. Living an ordinary life, she tries to ignore the strange things that happens to her here and there. For example, that one moment when she sneezed and the bowl of spaghetti in front of her flew to the head of her crush, or that time when  she fell down from the 3rd story, but nothing, not even a scratch was on her. Her parents said she was imagining things, her friends said she was crazy, so she acted like nothing happened.
But then one day, a complete stranger walked up to her, introducing himself as Jace Wayland, the "hot prince of the Emberland province" and that his world needed her help in order to destroy "the greatest evil of all". 

"Are you crazy? I cant even walk a straight line without falling down 3 times. What power are you talking about?"

"You, my dear Anastasia, are a rare gem, the invisible butterfly, who haven't discovered the beauty and the real power within yet."

And so she is thrown into the world of fairies, demons, angels and pixies, where she has no idea what to do.  Include one crazy and bubbly girl, a strange blue eyed boy and his snotty girlfriend who shoots daggers every time she sees her, a nerdy cute boy, an Asian genius  and a fiery redhead. 

Yeah, failing class is not the worst thing that can happen to a person after all. 

Mortal Instruments characters with my own plot!

Yap, me too, although I have a couple learning disorders. It is frustrating
DAnnaKatee DAnnaKatee Jul 18, 2016
What about Maggie Lindermann she's really cute she might fit the part
DAnnaKatee DAnnaKatee Jul 18, 2016
What about Maggie lindmann she's really cute and might fit the part