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The Hybrid. (MCD X Reader FanFiction.)

The Hybrid. (MCD X Reader FanFiction.)

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TheNinetailedFox1628 By AphmauFan1628 Updated Jun 13

What you need to look out for in the story~
Y/N-Your Name~
M/N-Middle Name~
L/N-Last Name~
F/C-Fav Color~
S/F/C-Second Fav Color~
S/T-Sword Type~
D/N-Dog Name~
C/N-Cat Name~ 
~~~~~~that's all for now~~~~~~
And if 'ya wanna join then enter all of these things~
~now for the summary!~
You are a in the jury of 9 and your close friends are, Crystal The Wolf Claw, Destiny The Silver Paw, Katelyn The Fire Fist, Jeffory The Golden Heart, and you Y/N The Heart Of Venom. (I just had to add me and my sister in this XD~) then it all changed, Zane wanted to kill the jury of 9's family, your friends and you didn't want that, so, your guys ran (YUP JEFFORY LIVES!!!~), you ran far away, just after you four, four Ok'hasis guards then you met a village, it's name, was Pheonix Drop.

AutumnWoodWA AutumnWoodWA Oct 24, 2016
This is MA dot! Its Evi or Eve. SHE DOESNT MIND! Plus..Im doing a roleplay and Evi and Eve are my bffs! XD
Icy_Mkoy Icy_Mkoy Nov 18, 2016
XD my name in the story is Lily and I'm to lazy to think of a nick name for I decided it would be nini
AphmauFan1628 AphmauFan1628 Aug 24, 2016
Btw, no one has noticed this, but Jeffory pulled out Abby from no were XD
Big_Pile_Of_Schist Big_Pile_Of_Schist Sep 28, 2016
Can I have a dot? This is my dot. It's name is Flufflebutt. Don't ask questions.
KylaAndKaelyn KylaAndKaelyn Nov 20, 2016
My spirit animal is a wolf is that accurate or what also please check out my books.
kiwiisntcool2 kiwiisntcool2 Aug 18, 2016
I would've thrown a knife at him because nobody calls me by my nickname