Male!Reader x Fem!Frisk - By TheGamerJavi - SUGGESTIONS NEEDED -

Male!Reader x Fem!Frisk - By TheGamerJavi - SUGGESTIONS NEEDED -

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Ya know what? I've quit. By TheGamerJavi Completed

Ehh, this is my first story, expect crap, also don't expect daily updates, I'm not a good story writer!!!

In this story you're 16, Frisk is 15, you two met after Frisk saved the entire Monster Race, and you two are best friends, secretly you both have a crush on each other but don't tell each other that you do, from here on the story begins!! :D

Rated Mature for a reason, kids get outta here.

STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! *summons yellow gun and fires*
Hey, you may not know who I am.. but I really need to talk to you.. urgently. Can we text somewhere that is not in Wattpad?
Allright thats a fine of $5.000.000 for breaking the 4th wall
fairZtaken fairZtaken Oct 02, 2016
Everytime i read something that says beep beep i always think of that song that goes "beep, beep, this is the po-lice"
"Howdy love"
                              "Yeah I paid $6.95 for an Iced Tea, don't judge me"
Razy_Writez Razy_Writez Aug 29, 2016
Finally I'm not like the only person that has called someone love before !