The King's Prey

The King's Prey

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Queen B.J. By StorytellerBB Updated 5 days ago

A powerful growl pierced through the air, shaking the ground. 

    Fear rose in the pit of my stomach, consuming my every being. I fell to my knees, griping the soil beneath me, my eyes brimming with tears. 

"No," I whispered, staring into the dull eyes of my mother, who laid on the damp ground, motionless. "Mother!" My vision blurred with tears as I shook my  mother, whose skin lost color with each passing second.

  My back collided harshly with the ground, causing me to wince in pain. Hovering over me, he growled again, his golden eyes flashing. 


It's good, as far my kind of story, I would vote right know but I,voted so much,in,other stories that I can't cote anymore 😅😅😢😢 but when I can, I'll come back and vote ❤
It's okay with me, I going to say this now, I like when the author makes mistakes cause every makes mistakes and it makes it more unique(?) To me ☺
- - Jul 11
I love it! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^๑ↀᆺↀ๑^)
Awkward. He kill her whole family but is bond to eternal love with her???