Underlust  Sans X Reader

Underlust Sans X Reader

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GameGunner By GameGunner Updated Nov 12

Warning (18+) be aware ok

KattJones4 KattJones4 Nov 08
Oddly I just kinda..... w8..... yep.... orgasm..... just perfect!
sans333 sans333 Oct 07
when i saw the picture XD i imagined maskey as mettaton and lust as ticci toby and paps as jeff the killer and masky is saying with the angry face and wtf face saying im surrounded by idiots.
did you just say UnderTAIL?!
                              i HOPE that it was a typo because that would be so bad......
*sees tori*......
                              Nope screw this I'm going with flowey.
                              *grabs flowey and runs*
dorky-chan dorky-chan Sep 06
Give me a choice like that and I'd rather sleep with flowey or outside in the ruins.....wait the ruins part is pretty bad because I could get raped by fricken froggits and stuff
Why!?!?!?!?!? Do I ask so stupid questions!?!?!?!?!? Kill me!?!?!?!?