Hall of Smoke and Mirrors

Hall of Smoke and Mirrors

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[BOOK 1] of the Noetic Masquerade

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  Kea Sarto is one of the Santus. People who were long ago thought to be gifted by the gods. Now they are thought to be cursed.
     All her life she has fought against her abilities and the people who wanted to use her for what she is capable of. The one person who could have saved her long ago, turned his back. The king of a nation. But he wouldn't help her if it meant getting his hands dirty. Now she is back with a vengeance and an unlikely alliance of not-quite-friends. 
    	Contracted to a high power from another land, Kea has sworn to complete her task within seven days. The Festival of Masks will commence at high noon. Kea and her allies will navigate through the flowery innocence of the festival and the ravenous depths of the palace if they plan on ever reaching their goal.
    	But they aren't the only ones with dark intentions. Many other shadows join in their dangerous waltz. Even within their tentative alliance, something is beginning to stir. Her mission will be concluded by the time the clock chimes midnight at the end of the week. If the king's blood hasn't been spilt, Kea's own will be.
    Credit for the gorgeous cover goes to @elphadora