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Love Don't Change|COMPLETED|

Love Don't Change|COMPLETED|

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#Reverse Queen✨ By litttbishhere Completed

Wassup My name is Dallas 
Perez.Im 16 years old and I go to Ridge Wood Highschool
I like to dance and I live with my moms friend,Morris and my mom.We needed a place to stay cause times got hard in New York so we moved down to Michigan.My favorite food is Jamaican food and I play basketball.

Wassgud My name is Mateo Bowles,I'm 16 years old and I go to Ridge Wood High.Im famous for dancing and a lot of hoes just be throwin themselves at me.We got this new girl at our school,
Dallas I think that's her name and I'm just waiting for her to start flirting with me so I could shut her ass down.I live with my mom,my brother Lelo and our little brother Julian.I have a fucking girlfriend but yet again these hoes be coming outta no where like wtf.
Unicorn Gang

Ayo sup,My name is Lelo Bowles and I'm 18 years old about to graduate Ridge Wood High in 3 more  months.But I don't wanna leave my lil bro there cause he can't handle all the hoes by himself.I live with Teo,my mama and lil dude ...

So she 14 OK 
                              Jade:*puts lipstick on
                              Me: didn't you mom teach you to stay outta her lipstick 😁😁
                              Jade:it's mine
                              Me:why tf you lying mm omg stop fawking lying
Bunnyssister14 Bunnyssister14 Oct 11, 2016
Jamaican food is FLAME god and hot af 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😊😊😊
ifwcap_gang ifwcap_gang Sep 09, 2016
i noticed that in most of the stories with teo and ayo in it teo girlfriend name is always jade
kelia1115 kelia1115 Oct 10, 2016
Scale of 1to10, 4 she kinda cute but she actually not ugly no homo strictly dickly
(Peep the Tinkerbell necklace ) yeah sure your 16 you a damn lie
He's last name is Hansley not Gonzalez and btw he's still 12 and turning 13 on March 4 and that is my man so please go find someone else because he already got someone