Bad Boy's Good Girl. {COMPLETED}

Bad Boy's Good Girl. {COMPLETED}

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"You don't know what you are doing to me.. You are driving me crazy, Katie.. "

Hearing my name from his mouth, made butterflies in my stomach, a glittering feeling in my stomach... 

"You drive me crazy... Every touch of yours, your care for me, your worries for me, your strawberry scent, your soft hair... your eyes, so mesmerising... your nose, it scrunches up every time you see me, as if you're disapproving with my player ways... your cheeks, all I think to say something that will make them pink... and your lips... all I think of putting mine on them and kissing the Fuck out of you.."  

And I gulped loudly, as he crashed his lips on mine. 


Katie is an A-grade student, with a sorted life. Her life revolves around her mother and her only friend and best friend, Beth Reynolds. Even though she has a sorted life, she has dreams of her own which she cannot fulfill, because of her reasons.

The one thing she hates the most, uh no scratch that, the second most thing she hates is Attention, because the first thing she hates are players, bad boys. Little did she know that her life would be turn upside down when the most popular and the bad boy of Lashville High, Aaron Lockwood, shifts next to her, and she starts getting both wanted and unwanted attention. 

Will she handle such attention? 

Will she ever change or adapt to such attention? 

Will she ever change her mind on bad boys and players, and accept Aaron as her friend or more than friends, if? 

Will this good girl ever be the bad boy's? 

A good girl falls for the bad boy. 
A bad boy falls for the good girl.

A good girl wants the bad boy to be good only for her. 
A bad boy wants the good girl to be bad only for him.

Cliché, right?

I cannot guarantee anything, except that you will definitely enjoy this romantic journey of Katie, the good girl and Aaron, the bad boy.

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thatsthat27 thatsthat27 Nov 24
Wow that was really rude...
                              I like her!!!!😂😂
I love skittles. And also M&Ms. But i hate it when someone mixes both together. I cry
Also he got hella rejected 😂😂😂. . . .  God I need a life
Oh yes I like it 😊 although I do wish it was Longer, but I don't mind u might be busy for all I know anyways it's  amazing 😍 have a nice day/night.
ithinkidontthink ithinkidontthink 4 days ago
Until now I’m liking the story and all but my advice is for you to review the text because you have some errors you should maybe correct..the story is great tho and I am reading until the end! Hope this helps!
xoxlocaxox xoxlocaxox Nov 24
My bb can be rude if she wants. Go home if you wanna criticize her -_-