The French Kitty Cat (Random Adrian Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader Inserts)

The French Kitty Cat (Random Adrian Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader Inserts)

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Ladybug By LadyBug0901 Updated Aug 05, 2016

Simply random ideas I have had floating around in my mind. None of them are connected plot wise unless I specify! Prendre plaisir~! 

I also accept requests! Message me! I'll give you credit for the idea in the chapter! 

*cough* Yes, I also do lemons *cough* You guys will have to tell me if you want one of those! XD 

Merci, mes chéris~! <3

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SinamonBun SinamonBun Apr 22
Thats a pretty chill teacher if hes just standing there like 'awwww'
Harbar1031 Harbar1031 Jun 19
I thought I was dating Cat Noir there the same person but I DONT KNOW THAT
I thought that French said "My douche" and I was about to punch a motherfucker
This is probably THE BEST & MOST ADORABLE fanfiction I've read!
                              Marinette's a sick in some of these things 😒
WaifuLucyoffairytail WaifuLucyoffairytail Sep 13, 2016
If I was in a room alone with Adrien, I would flip the fcuk out. And if he LIKED me, well shoot, there's about to be some serious kissi-
                              *CORE!Frisk covers my mouth* 
                              C!Frisk: Shush Amelia, that's too innapropriate.
                              But I was just gonna say kissing-!
                              C!Frisk: That and something else now shush