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Warriors: Cloak of Time

Warriors: Cloak of Time

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The Century Team By WarriorsOfTheCentury Updated Oct 01, 2016

Time is like a cloak hanging over our world we live in - it is the very fabric of our existence.

Time is something the Clans could not afford to waste. They depend on a type of flower, Moonlight's Embrace, to keep the earth in their territories nourished, and to keep their connections to StarClan strong.

For many years, the Clans by the flowers were strong and happy, until they started to realise that the number of flowers were declining, and they had no idea how to grow more.

Conflict behind to arise, with each Clan growing more and more restless. Soon, they were stealing from one another.

Moonlight's Embrace comes in three different colours, one for each Clan. The flowers declined so quickly, eventually, only one of each colour were left.

Realising that they no longer could stay on their dying territory, the Clans set off on a journey to find new territory, bringing the last three flowers along with them.

Will they learn to work together, or will they destroy one another first?

Cover and concept by: @-Skyfrost-
**Most of the team will be working on this book**

YearlyAquariAce YearlyAquariAce Aug 31, 2016
Awesome intro 😁
                              (Feels like a bloody commercial, not gonna lie 😂)