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Cover shop| closed

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🌻 By GwynethAmore_ Completed

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Previous title: me and my book.
Title: cover shop.

Highest rank: #522 in random (Nov 6, 2016)

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bythewayimnicole bythewayimnicole May 17, 2017
Author name: Bythewayimnicole
                              Style:a girl and a boy they hugging with casual dress.
                              Cover title: Jerk Meets Freak
                              Theme : romantic and Natural 
                              Quote: Leigh wants, Leigh gets.
CatSignals CatSignals Jan 22, 2017
Authors name: Catsignals 
                              Style: robotic, clean, simple if that makes sense 
                              Cover Title: Wired 
                              There: have you seen those movies where someone has made a new world where everything is just sort of too perfect and borderline creepy? 
                              Quote: You're not human
Shah_Bano Shah_Bano Dec 19, 2016
Author's name: Shah_Bano
                              Style: Deep, dark, preferably black. Mysterious and intriguing would be nice with a touch of love like a boy and a girl standing but blurry not too focused etc or even a grave(preferably)
                              Cover title: Fuse
                              Theme: Angst, peturbation and tragic romance
                              Quote: none
XYassandraX XYassandraX Jan 07, 2017
Author's name: -Lassandra
                              Style: Dark/mysterious 
                              Title: Heathens 
                              Theme: Dark, mysterious, murder
                              Quote: "We were just 12 teenagers, then this killer came around screwed everything up."
nattythebatty4 nattythebatty4 Jan 01, 2017
Author: NataliexXxRiley
                              Style: 2 teenage girls.
                              Title: Witnesses 
                              Theme: Dark and Mysterious
HiKiera HiKiera Jan 18, 2017
Authors name: @HiKiera
                              Style: Dark, mysterious
                              Theme: Supernatural, dark, mysterious, romantic. 
                              Cover Title: Shapeshifters 
                              Quote: "Reality is a prison."