my toys • l.h

my toys • l.h

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hi IM LuKe HeMMiNgS By deadwritterr Updated 7 days ago

when her mum left her boyfriend behind to take care of her toying daughter

Luke looked at me with hurt.

"don't you see the difference, you're a guy looking for love and i'm a bratty school girl toying with men i pleasure myself with"

Oreo_1996 Oreo_1996 Nov 06
Luke is going to magically going to be cleaning and he's going to find the box of condoms. She going to get in trouble what soon turns into them making out. The end. Fin. over.
I kinda relate, my moms whole side is from Italy really besides her and her brothers so I'm 75% Italian and I know a good portion of Italian and my dads side has some poshlish, Russian, and Italian so that's why I'm 75% Italian 12.5% polish and 12.5% Russian lol