Once upon a time

Once upon a time

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Anastasia By TheEmoFreak29 Updated Jul 03

In the kingdom of Bourgeois in Paris, the kingdom is ruled by King Andre Bourgeois and his only daughter Chloe, who is about to be crowned queen soon, but with the kingdom being fair and there was the fair princess herself, she was not fair on the inside.

Chloe is rude, merciless, prissy and snobby, some people say she is heartless, but in truth she is actually heart broken, and no one knows why, not even her own father who was meant to protect her from what prevented her into becoming how she is now.

With Chloe believing she is the fairest of them, it all changed when she has found out, that is wasn't her anymore, but rather a scullery, dish and laundry maid and baker of the castle, Marinette Dupain Cheng.

Marinette is known to all the castle maids, servants and everyone who works in the castle as beautiful, sweet, kind, brave and smart, and everyone loves everything about her, even when she sings and makes new clothes for everyone.

Marinette is known to the mirror for hair black with blue shades like the raven, bluebell eyes, skin as white as porcelain and snow, lips as red as a bleeding red rose, kindness shines through her rags, wisdom greater than a king, braver than all of the knights in the kingdom combined, sweeter than the sugar itself, more gentle than a dove or deer and heart more golden than treasure itself.

One day, when prince Adrien of the kingdom of Agreste comes with his father, the king of Agreste to visit the kingdom Bourgeois, Chloe tries to flirt with Adrien, but he only has eyes for the scullery maid of the castle, Marinette.

During the night of Chloe's coronation, Marinette disguises herself at the ball, and dances with prince Adrien, but she is then exposed when she is tripped by Lady Lila of Rossi, and is arrested.

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InuYoiushi InuYoiushi Jun 30
Cool start, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
Okay, so this is sort of 'Snow White,' and 'Barbie: The 3 Musketeers,' right? Because of the mirror it's 'Snow White,' but I don't remember a ball, so I could be like 'Barbie: The 3 Musketeers,' but without the fighting and the other two girls, and only her.
                              So it's mostly 'Snow White.'
AWEOSME START!! I can’t wait to see what happens and when she meets Adrien
Hey I love your storys and you can take your time to do it ok