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Betrayed By My Mate (Book 1 of the Complicated Mates series)

Betrayed By My Mate (Book 1 of the Complicated Mates series)

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kauigirl By kauigirl Completed

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He was cheating on me again.

My Mate.

The Man destined to love, cherish, and protect me.

Was at this very moment betraying me.

He had been for the past three years. It started six months after we mated. 

And has yet to stop.

You see, we were young when we found each other at a pack mixer. Only seventeen years old and a year into our newfound wolf lives since we don't turn until our 16th birthday.  Our connection was immediate and though we were young and inexperienced, we embraced our bond and completed the mating that very same month. I said goodbye to my family because he was an alpha and it was ...

FacedByBoo FacedByBoo May 04
Nah uh...... fuxk that s h i t. Beetch fight me... her mate I mean.
- - Aug 26, 2016
The fact that  he actually believes this himself is unbelievable.
HotMamax10 HotMamax10 Feb 10
Um no. I'm not going to have a boyfriend who I have to share the whole female population with. Wtf. No.
NonViral NonViral Aug 26, 2016
Well u know fûck him
                              Cuz you've felt broken for 3 years now..
MesmerizingWolfGirl MesmerizingWolfGirl Dec 30, 2016
No self-esteem.... Bad example to all the young girls who look up to her as a Luna 😕😕
lynjay lynjay Sep 14, 2016
This is the 3rd time I'm reading this.  It's still one of my favs