[Joji's Muse]

[Joji's Muse]

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"Filthy Frank wants to collab with me?"

"Tbh dude that's not possible"

"Why not?"

"You're not something that would describe yourself as 'Filthy Frank' material - you're too sweet."

"Ew stfu man"

"No - I mean, why would he collab with someone who post content about real things and tries not to offend people whereas he does"

"Oh no...why would he want to collab with me...?"

"No idea... But....find out? Hope for the best?"

§ --- this is a fanfic about joji miller aka FilthyFrank. I never met him before and lowkey this is how I'd want it to go if I ever did lol

§ --- enjoy - its a joji x (female) reader

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Piiinkskies Piiinkskies Mar 18, 2017
                              "I swear i'm going to get kicked out."
                              "This guy just closed his blinds because I'm holding a sign that says 'i eat ass.'"
kikinaomi kikinaomi 2 days ago
“My d**k like Americans too fat but dangerous” 😂 fockin luv that line lmfao